If you got your child’s name tattooed on you and the artist spelt it wrong.. what would you change, the tattoo or your child’s name?.. Well as unbelievable as this sounds, one woman from Sweden decided to go for the latter renaming her son ‘Kelvin’ after the tattoo artist misspelled ‘Kevin’
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“After thinking a little, we decided to rename him Kelvin, now we like it better and do not want to change back.”

Although tattooed wedding rings have been around for a while, it seems to be trending on instagram, with a whopping 5000 posts published recently showing couples replacing the typical wedding ring in favour of a matching tattoo to display their love and dedication to each other.
Sadly we can’t see Harry & Meghan following suit.
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Imagine having your favourite rugby club’s logo tattooed on you and then they change their logo? Well this is what happened with Gloucester Rugby Club recently.. after uproar from fans the club have decided to help cover the costs for fans wanting to update their new tattoos! Read more here

“We understand change is not for everybody and if they have taken the time, energy and commitment to put our crest on their bodies, then the least we can do is show the human side and our support.”

A mother has sparked a furore online after she compared child ear piercings to female genital mutilation on ITV’s This Morning.Debating the issue of whether children should be getting ear piercings at a young age, journalist and presenter Alley Einstein vehemently argued that the practice is abhorrent and that parents should wait until their children are at least 10 years old before considering piercings… What do you think?
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