The guys over at BoredPanda have compiled a fantastic list of hilariously bad tattoos. According to the Inga Ko who wrote the article “An estimated 25% of people in the United States has a tattoo and as many as 50% of these once proud human canvases may end up wanting their art removed.

Yes, an estimated 25% of people in the United States has a tattoo and as many as 50% of these once proud human canvases may end up wanting their art removed – Inga Ko, BoredPanda

Imagine being told that you weren’t allowed to sit an exam because of a henna tattoo! Well, that’s exactly what Luton Sixth Form College told it’s students this week, informing them that “such tattoos are against JCQ exam regulations.” Read more here

“Provided a centre is content that a henna design does not contravene JCQ’s regulations, they can be worn into an examination. Centres are asked to ensure that their invigilators are aware of this requirement and are vigilant regarding the design of any henna tattoos.- Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) spokesman.

GOT Spoiler HERE! DO NOT READ ON IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED SERIES 7… Sophie Turner just teased a major spoiler according to Refinery29 who teased a picture of her tattoo on Instagram which shows a wolf head (The crest of Stark) with a certain caption! Read more here

Following on from Post Malone’s latest tattoo “always tired” underneath his eyes, The Guardian has written a pretty interesting article on whether facial tattoos are a good idea especially job hunters.

a face tattoo can make it hard to get work. A new survey shows that 78% of HR decision-makers would be less likely to hire a candidate who had one. – The Guardian