We start this week’s roundup of tattoo news in Saskatoon, Canada where one man’s wish to preserve his tattoos after his death has caught the attention of the BBC – Chris Wendell died in October of last year of heart failure leaving behind a wife and five children who sought to implement his wish.

Chris’ signature back piece has now been preserved and has been displayed at conventions all across Canada, the next being in Newfoundland. Ms Wendell said “I see it as a beautiful art. To me it was like bringing my husband back. I get to see him everyday”.


We continue this week’s roundup in Ocala, Florida, where a group have been arrested for assaulting a man and forcibly tattooing an incorrectly spelt racial slur on his neck. HuffPost say victim Michael Hart was resistant to the inking, supposedly an attempt to cover an old gang piece.

Assailants Brandon Hailey, Lucian Evans and Mary Elizabeth Durham then held down Hart and forcibly tattooed the morally and grammatically indefensible phrase. A fourth assailant remains at large and police are requesting anyone with information to contact the relevant authorities.


Continuing with cover-ups in the west of the United States, Kentucky has also been in the news this week as health officials in the state propose a ban on getting ink to cover scars. Fox says officials have as yet been unable to provide a reason for the proposed outlawing of a procedure often so affirming for the afflicted. A shift in Tattoo culture has enabled people previously hampered by scars from major surgery or trauma to acquire these cover-ups to aid their wellbeing, both physical and mental, and people in the state have reacted with shock and outrage. Kentucky Artist Alonzo Chappell said cover-ups were a regular occurrence in his store and “It’s really a healing process. I mean, a lot of people come to have closure on maybe a scar or some kind of burn,” Chappell said.


Finally, some tattoo news to put a smile on your face this week as 3-year-old cancer sufferer Trinity D’Autorio in Tampa, Florida achieved her dream of having some sleeve tattoos to match her dad. CBS report Trinity, who is fighting neuroblastoma, had dreamt of tattoos of her own one day. Her mom Skyla Zimmerman D’Autorio said she never thought she would be taking her three-year-old to the chair but artists at Ink Wolves come up with an artistic solution.

They bought specialist tattoo marker pens and began to practice with the aim of making little Trinity’s tats as real as possible. When the day finally came, on April 10, these dedicated artists created incredible themed pieces whilst listening to classics from Disney movies. The result was Trinity bearing a Winnie The Pooh and an Ariel from the little mermaid, as well as a smile.