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grae, how did the lettering tattoo end up? Did it clear up or it stayed the same?
I have no idea how to make a new post, so i’m going to post it in this one.

I’ve got my very first tattoo five days ago. Everything seemed perfectly fine, until 2 days ago, when i started to notice slight greenish tone around my tattoo. I’m scared it may be a blowout?
I’ve came across many blowouts while researching it, but i’m still not sure if it is a blowout, or is it just a bruise (i know i will see that after some time, but i’m just scared).
I can see this greenish hue around my tattoo more in poor lighting and from far away – when i’m in direct sunlight and closeup, i can’t notice it as much, but it is definetely there. It doesn’t look as noticable on the photos as it is in real life.
I would really appreciate an opinion on that.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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