I got my first tattoo last wednesday (6 days now) and as with all bigish decisions I make, got anxiety as soon as something unexpected started happening. The top has crumbled off a little after a shower yesterday (it didn’t really get wet). I’ve been using aftercare every day like I’ve been told. Any advice, or can I tell my anxiety to take a walk?


Hi sorry to jump on your post I can’t workout how to start my own thread?! In a similar situation I’m not sure if it’s bruising or a blowout? Not my first tattoo but this one is on the inside of my arm. It did swell up and it was bruised as further away from the tatt it went yellow. It’s almost been a week since it was done and I know it’s too early to know for sure but wanted to see if anyone had an option either way?! Thanks


Well, I don’t see anything wrong with either of your tattoos, but I am fairly new to this. That being said, Allie, your experience sounds completely normal, I lost skin throughout the first week of mine healing, and my shop actually encouraged getting it wet and cleaning it in the shower, just carefully, and not letting it stay wet for very long. If anything goes wrong with it, you’ll notice. Especially with a small tattoo like that, mine is about the size of a softball, and fairly detailed, imperfections get lost.


The first image just looks like it hasnt fully healed. My tattoos have had moments where things didnt look right but they always ended up cleaning themselves up during healing.
The second image does look like a bruise. Ive never been bruised like that before. It will be easier to know what you are dealing with once the bruise goes away.


I’m having the same issue. I got my first tattoo two days ago and the lettering looks like it’s leaking. It started looking like this 4-5 hours after I got it. Is it a blowout?



grae, how did the lettering tattoo end up? Did it clear up or it stayed the same?
I have no idea how to make a new post, so i’m going to post it in this one.

I’ve got my very first tattoo five days ago. Everything seemed perfectly fine, until 2 days ago, when i started to notice slight greenish tone around my tattoo. I’m scared it may be a blowout?
I’ve came across many blowouts while researching it, but i’m still not sure if it is a blowout, or is it just a bruise (i know i will see that after some time, but i’m just scared).
I can see this greenish hue around my tattoo more in poor lighting and from far away – when i’m in direct sunlight and closeup, i can’t notice it as much, but it is definetely there. It doesn’t look as noticable on the photos as it is in real life.
I would really appreciate an opinion on that.

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