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The Lion King tattoos are out in full force:

With the release of the Lion King on the horizon, it appears so are the themed tattoos, looking for a Simba or maybe a Pumbaa tattoo? Now is your time. There are tons of artists around the world who are eager to ink them in a variety of styles, so what are you waiting for, bring out your inner child and show love to your favourite lions. (Original story from Cafe Mom)

Essex Woman slammed for tattoos in Waitrose:

These days, it seems like you can’t do anything without someone disapproving of it, however, when you do someone favour the last thing you expect is for them to throw it back in your face, well that’s exactly what happened to Kate in Essex. When an older lady asked her for help reaching some ribs on a high shelf and of course Kate obliged as any of us would. Then the lady asked if she could say something to her, fully expecting ‘thank you’ and the lady turned and said, your tattoos are bringing down the standards of Waitrose… can you imagine being that rude? Although not is lost, as when Kate sharing the encounter with her husband, Matt she further added that she decided to put the ribs back on the high shelf out of the trolley which left the woman fuming. Good on ya Kate, we love your tattoos and Matt for sharing it on Twitter.

Lea Michele gets a special tattoo:

The 31st of July marks 6 years since Cory Monteith passing. Cory and Lea were said to be in love and a relationship when he tragically passed. Lea has now moved on and has a husband but that doesn’t stop her still missing Cory and she recently got ‘finn’ tattooed on her which was the name of Cory’s character in the hit show. (Source Inked mag)

Fire Fighters in Atascadero will be able to show off their tattoos: 

As a trial from the 8th of July to the 9th of September firefighters from Atascadero will be allowed to have their tattoos on show as it is becoming more common for those of the newer generation and the station would still love to hire employees with tattoos, obviously, there are still guidelines, e.g. no offensive ones. The station believes this will be a good thing for the force as it allows them to stay cooler in hot weather. (Source New Times)