Hi all, I am looking to get my first tattoo and wondered if anyone can recommend a studio in Angus, Tayside or Aberdeenshire?

I hope to design my own, with the main theme being a tribal band & writing (both in black) with a birthstone in colour.

Based on this info, I would be grateful for any recommendations.

Cheers all.


There’s this place called Draconian Tattoo in Aberdeen, I’m going to be getting my first tattoo there in January. A lot of family members and friends recommended it, and you can see pictures of their work on their Bebo page. If Aberdeen isn’t too far for you, you should check them out and see if they’ve done anything similar to what you were wanting done, which for the record sounds pretty awesome.

I hope this has been helpful 🙂


Appreciate the tip. I have had a look at their website, and the pics posted look good. If your family members & friends recommend it, then sounds good enough for me. I am in Montrose, where there is a tattoo parlour, but don’t know anyone who has had one done there. Although you can see pics posted on MySpace webpage, always better hearing personal recommendation, having had first hand experience! Willing to travel to Dundee or Aberdeen areas to get good work! I may send them an e-mail with my creation, once finalised. Hope you enjoy your first Tattoo when you get in January. Thank you for your help & recommendation. Cheers


Hey mate, try Cameron stewart (Cammy) at Metalurgey in Dundee – although his stuff is very specific. Other possibles are Yankee Tattoo in Dundee or Idle Hands in Arbroath. Probably best to avoid Ink Demons in Dundee, not particularly happy with my tattoo from there! Let me know how you get on!


Bit further to travel but I’d recommend Tribe Tattoo in Edinburgh and Glasgow, have a look at my 1st and 2nd tattoo threads for pics of my half sleeves by Morag Sangster.

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