I have a tattoo of my sones feet on my inner right arm and under the botton foot the ink has blown out/ leaked, the tattoo is blue and the leak is rather light almost looks like a bruise just wondered what my options for cover up / removal are? i dont want the whole tattoo removing just where the ink leaked.

would a skin coulored ink work in any capacity with the area to be covered being very light?


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If you can post up a picture of the tattoo you wish to cover up. It will give people a lot better idea and will be able to give you a more direct answer to what your asking mate ๐Ÿ™‚


You can’t cover a darker color with a lighter color very well. Maybe add some vines and flowers around the feet pulling the attention away from the blowout


depending on how lazy the tattooist was and how bad he or she shot the ink sideways into your skin, it can fade within a year and no longer be noticable at all.

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