yodaddynukka;114349 wrote:
I use lotion once a day even on my old tattoos. Of course you dont have to, but it helps to keep the skin to be healthy and “shiny” and that in turn may help the tattoo look better.

Everyone is different so of course u should do what is best for u, but i am pretty much an aftercare snob. I alaways cover up when im out in the sun and i exfoliate my tattoos (after they have been healed at least 3 months) around once a month.

Thats good i guess. But i dont want to do that as long. The tattoo dude said i could stop using lotion after like 2 weeks or something..
But i read in the internetz that people use it longer.

I think the skin will heal just fine without lotion. But i may put on tiny tiny once a day for like one week more, then it should be fine!
I want to be in the sun and all. I like the beach and going for a swim.
Thnx for your post.

peterpoose;114352 wrote:
I’m going to have my tattoo washed in mineral water from the untouched north pole icebergs by 7 virgins!

I live there, so thats what im doin every day.
😉 nah, but it sounds good.


I dont need to wash it anymore. Just like now, i worked out, and took a shower. I could use some lotion now, but nah…
Think the skin need to breath too. The lotion i use is kinda fat and soo on.


Btw, i have started to be in the sun also, after ine month. With sunlotion or sunblock…
How long do you guys wait before getting in the sun?

The tattoo artist said one month would be fine if i used lotion.
I have read on the internet that some wait 3 months and soo on…
I should have made a tattoo in the winter! 😉 Next time.

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