Hi there,

Here’s my backpiece as it is now:


As you can see, I’ve had one laser session on the “Rise Above” script, as it was one of my first tatoos and
it was done rather poorly.
Now, I want to expand the piece and keep it in line with what I have now. It still needs colouring and I will go the oldschool way with that.
Now I’m pretty uncomfortable with the healing of the laser treatment, and it’s expensive…
So I would like to ask for your ideas in how to cover it up.
I have been doodling for a while but haven’t found something that says “yep that’s it”…
Any input is welcome
Wonderful forum guys keep it up!


the piece has big potential, dia de los muertos is a day of color and celebration, I would like to see the whole thing color, sparrows would look great, roses, and the skull,
me, Im thinking sacred heart, thorned vines around it, beautiful orange flames and the old text is history

it could also do a radiating sunset or rise (kinda like my elbow tatt) with clouds or something above,

currently wearing 250 hours, and many more to go, cant explain what my ink means, its personal, it is about who I am

HI MrChen, thanx for the input, yes I’m very happy with it already even without colour, the artist is Vinnie Stones from Antwerp.
I do want to make it more assymmetrical though, thinking about one yellow and one red rose, sparrows blue offcourse.
Was thinking about an all-seeing eye design possibly with a snake but how to incorporate it with the skull is difficult, as mostly the snake would be crawling over parts of the skull to make it look nice.
I would prefer something complicated but it has to look good wearing a wide-neck t-shirt so it shows parts of the design.

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