my tattoo is almost 3 months old and it never showed signs of any infection. however around 2 weeks ago small bumps started to appear in some parts of my tattoo. i dont remember changing the way i took care of it…they just started to appear seems like. they arent painful and itch only mildly. what is this and how do i remedy it? also, can i have it touched up even if the bumps are still there?


We really can’t help you without seeing the bumps.


Sounds like an allergic reaction, either to the ink or whatever you are putting on the tattoo.


To answer your other question, no, a tattoo artist should not work on you if you currently have something going on with your skin in the area


what should i do to get it to normal state? will taking benadryl work? or should i put some skin ointment on it?


go let the artist look at it, they have more experience than a dermotolgist in this area, sounds like trapped moisture…………too much lube


Agreed. After three months you should not be putting anything on your tattoo. You have probably been over doing it with the lotion and/or ointment. If the skin can’t breathe, bad things happen. Stop using any product at all, and just clean it once a day with normal soap, unscented and non-fragrant if you can help it. Then see what happens in a week or so. I’ll bet it looks better within days.

But, as stated above, going back to your artist is always a good idea if you have questions. Thats what they are there for!

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