Okay, so i’ve had my rather large tatt for about 14 years now and i haven’t liked it for about 9 years, hasn’t really bothered me until recently, when i thought about getting it covered up with something else, was getting quite excited at the thought as i could never afford to have it lazered off. So i went into a tattoo studio and was gutted to learn that my tattoo is too dark to be covered 🙁 i was told it would have to be lightened first, possibly take at least 6 sessions and then be covered and at about £60 a session to be lightened its just going to cost to much.

The black is more of a deep blue, its quite large and on my arm. I haven’t worn short sleeve tops in summer for at least 6 years because of it. I really haven’t any more options have i? There is no point re-working it as i don’t like the design, its faded badly so looks like a big spider so my hubby says.


Start saving for the laser sessions. Sorry but there is no easy way out.


To be honest, £360.00 is a small price to pay compared to the misery you’re obviously going through. A decent tattoo from a good artist would likely cost a lot more than that anyway (at least around here)

Good luck!

Tattoo: A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

From the Urban dictionary

Tattoo design, any design, CLICK HERE


I agree, bite the bullet, save some money so you can get it lazered and then done right

currently wearing 250 hours, and many more to go, cant explain what my ink means, its personal, it is about who I am

Do you have a picture of the tattoo? How many opinions did you get? I have a faded, but dark blue/black/purple tattoo on my ankle. It’s being covered right now. I went in a few years ago with the intention of a cover up, but was told it wouldn’t be possible. My current artist said no problem and that I probably went to someone that doesn’t do a lot of colors if they told me otherwise.

If it truly isn’t possible to cover…. then I’d save the money for the laser. It’s worth it to not be embarrassed of your arm right?


How much did you think a coverup was going to cost?
My advise would be to get a session of laser for £60 and save up until you have another £60 if youare expecting a christmas gift from the other half ask for £60 and so on.
You will have done your sessions at some point in the future and your problem is solved.


Thank you all for your replies.:o

I’ve uploaded a pic in the album option.

I guess i thought a cover up would cost around £100 at the most. Although i’ve disliked my tatt for a while now, i’ve just kind of not really thought of it and lived with it as i thought there was nowt i could do about it, until i thought about getting it covered up, then i was getting excited and thinking how much i i wouldn’t be ashamed anymore, then to be told its not possible or that i’d have to have it lazered off anyway before a cover up could be done, its like really bothering me now, how much i hate it being there. I just can’t afford the laser treatment and hubby has already said its a no-no ( as he would be financing it) I’ve only been in the one tattoo studio, so maybe it could be worth asking around? if not, i suppose in a few weeks, it’ll be back in the back of my mind again and hopefully it’ll not be bothering me as much.


Yeah no way to cover that with out lightning it.

If I was getting that covered by a proper tattoo artist I would plan on spending somewhere around
$800 to $1300

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