Hi everyone! =D first off, let me start by saying that I currently have no tattoo’s. My idea for my first tattoo is lightning. like real lightning, not a harry-potter-esce bolt.


kinda like that, starting at the right side my neck, with a smaller fork coming off and going toward my upper arm and collar bone, and the main bolt going down my back past my shoulder blade then around to finish with tendrils of electricity around my abs.

my first question is is this possible? can a tattoo artist make lightning like this look good, or would it come out looking weird?

secondly, I’m a fairly big guy, like broad shouldered. would this look really skinny and silly on me?

Thanks in advance =)


Welcome to the forum dude ๐Ÿ™‚

As for your question about will it work, im going to leave it to one of the more experienced people on here to answer because to be honest i actually don’t know, It looks kind of awkward but some artist’s work is unreal.

Someone will come along who will know for sure soon, but if i was you i would ask the person/studio that your getting your tattoo at if they think it’s possible and would they be able to pull it off ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks, i should go talk to them =). and yeah, it looks like it could end up quite awkward, but if it works out it would not only be unique but very cool looking and special to me.

Cheers =)


Lightning can be tattooed nicely but it won’t look quite as realistic as the picture but besides that the amount of space you want to dedicate to this is ridiculous and will look foolish. You don’t have any tattoos and you want to start on your neck? Not smart. Plus you want this to extend all the way down to your abs? This whole idea basically sucks and you should rethink it. Trust me, you really don’t want to take up all that space with a giant lightning bolt because you’re limiting yourself to any future tattoos.


I concur with Adler on this one. You can still get a great looking tattoo, just make it a normal size



The tattoo is possible but you have to remember that tattoos are an artist interpretation of a picture.

Even the most talented artists in the world cannot 100% replicate a photo to the same sharpness as the one shown or interpreted by the naked eye.

This does not mean that the tattoo could not be an incredible piece of art – it can, you just have to be aware of the differences.

Also as mentioned the sheer size (incl the background colour) is going to take up a massive piece of skin canvas to get it to the size you want.

Necks, faces, and hands are always best after a number of tattoos rather than a first – many artists will refuse as with any prejudice they have gained a ‘job stopper’ rep.

You could easily fit that whole piece into a chest panel portrait.

Take care


The first thing you’ve got to realize is that the only reason the lightning in the pic looks so bright is because of its dark background. You can’t do white ink against skin tone, you’ll barely be able to see it. If you reverse it out and do black lightning it will look like a poorly done tree branch. You could shade dark around it, fading into the skin but it’ll increase the amount of tattooed surface area tremendously, and, in my opinion, look pretty crappy. I could see doing this if it was planned ahead to cut through other tattoos along its track, that way it would be surrounded by ink that it negatively cut through. I can’t see it working by itself, but it could work as part of a much larger tattoo. It needs to be surrounded by something.


As the others said the lighting would not work very well as a standalone tattoo. It would have to be more like this



Hi and welcome to the forum. You’re getting some very good advice here. I hope you will consider it carefully before you make any final decisions. Cheers! :):):)

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