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Got a small tat and for whatever reason blue ink is raised and has a few little bumps on it. It’s been three weeks. WTF? Will it go away or heal? I am suppose to go in for the touch up in two days but I don’t know what to think about it. AND…the rest of the tattoo is still kinda shinny. HELP with info if you have it!


I might be wrong but the lumps could be scar tissue where the artist has gone in to deep. I myself have a lump on my tribal i got when i was 15 by a cock in a garage.

I might be wrong though.. Could also be a few scabs 🙂


Three week s seems awfully early for a touch up. I would wait at least 2 months before going for a touch up to allow the tattoo fully heal. Good luck


Sounds like scar to me. Got a pic you could post? My general rule is 2 weeks for a touch up and 90% of the time they are completely healed by then. Unless there is a rough healing spot like where the elbow bends, or they wear clothes that cut across it or they don’t wash it or something. Those rough spots will sometimes take six weeks to heal enough to touch up. If its completely healed (no redness, no dry flakey layers coming off) you can get it touched up. This won’t fix your shiny lumps problem though. Vitamin E and/or emu oil rubbed into it for a few months straight is supposed to break down scar tissue.

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