I kno its prob a matter of preference, but are there any other reasons to go with black vs. color due to fading?

Also, are there certain colors or types of ink that fade… Someone said they don’t do white or yellow cuz they tend to fade quickly. I also know someone who has a tat where the artist used a pale grey to represent white because of fading or something. Any colors I should avoid? thoughts/opinions?


the darker you are, the more colors dont look right. the paler you are, the more colors look vibrant. and yes whites almost always fade into a milky light brownish color on people that arent pale. ive seen whites on pale people that look as white as it did when the in kwas fresh. white on my skin never hold the vibrance.


I”m pretty pale, so thanks. I kno ppl who have all black and it does look cool, but i kinda like color.


Get at least one of each. It’ll make the decision easier. 😀


I’ve had my color tattoo almost a year and no fading yet! There’s a little yellow but it’s mostly orange and green with a little blue and purple. I’m very pale so it’s good to know that that’s helpful


Go color. Take advantage of being pale. Thats what I did, and I’m glad I went the color route.


I have one color tattoo (my first tattoo) from about 10 years or so ago and the colors are still fairly vibrant. It even has some yellows and oranges in it. I have a little white in one of my other tattoos, but it is just a shade or two from skin color now.

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