So, yesterday I started a half sleeve. He did the outline and most of it looks great. I have the state flowers for the two states my daughters were born in, a yellow rose (I’m fr Texas) and a swallow. Arizona’s state flower is the saguaro cactus blossom. It’s mostly white with some yellow/orange in the middle. Well, so I’m going for more of a traditional look. Once I got home and this morning, I’ve been nonstop staring at the cactus blossoms. I realize it’s the outline, and maybe you really can’t tell by the outline how it’s going to look. I talked to him this morning and asked though if we could turn them into red roses and add in the state butterfly. Well, he pretty much shut me down, said it’s permanant and that he told me that it wouldn’t be easy to make it into a traditional look (he did) and then that he told me I should wait (he didn’t). He said it would be a little more art noveau. Ok fine, I understand that and think he’ll do the best he can, but I don’t see why he can’t change just an outline to look like roses instead. I’ll include pictures to show. I don’t want anyone to feel like they are stepping on toes, but is it really that big of a problem to change part of a tattoo once you’ve started it? If I can change it, he is not willing to do it, so would it be a horrible idea to tell him to leave that part alone and ask someone else to change them into roses? The rest of the tattoo is awesome, and I’ve never had to do multiple sessions as this is my first sleeve, the others have been smaller. Maybe I should just be patient? Would love advice on this issue. Tattoo artist has been in the business for a long time, and is a friend of a friend.


The outline is in black ink, which is…not able to be covered.
This means that he cannot simply change the flower type on a whim.
He isn’t being a douche…he is being realistic.

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Did you see the pic in my album? I’m just thinking it wouldn’t be hard to get a little creative and add to the outline. I’m aware that the outline can’t change.


I’d really appreciate an artist or two to take a look at the picture and see if the outline can be added to in order to make them into roses. A little help please?



I looked at your photo in your profile. You have a hard outline of a weird shape- I would think making that a rose would be really difficult.

More to the point, if you don’t like where your tat is going maybe it’s time to consider a different artist. If you feel like it’s not going the way you want it and you feel like the artist isn’t listening to you then I’m not sure why you would continue the relationship. This is your arm and you are going to wear this the rest of your life.


im going to be blunt here because im drunk and high.

looking at the line work i would say even if this were able to be “changed”, your artist would not be able to do a good job of executing that job anyways. so if i were you, i would just let him do his thing and learn and move on to the next ink. who is the artist anyways?

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mmmmmmmmm i’d probly get a wee bit shitty with ya if you decided you wanted roses after we’d agreed on something else. Did he do a design up for you of what you were getting?

With the right linework and colour work you may be able to pull it off………maybe

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