Hey, I was thinking of getting a new tattoo(s) done soon, but need a bit of advice.
Currently I have two tattoos : an angel of death on my left upper arm, and a blue metallic 3D tribal on my left calf.
Recently I have stumbled upon this amazing tattoo : 15+Awesome+Tattoos+on+Foot+12.jpg
and am thinking of getting it done on my lower abdomen, but several questions have arisen:
Should I modify the colour? Because I want to have a blue theme going on with my tattoos, and a sudden appearance of yellow/orange might look a bit weird. But then another question pops up : would people think that having a blue phoenix is weird? Because usually they are yellow/orange, hence the whole burn in a fire and rise up from your ashes theme. So should I stick with the blue theme or would Blue+Yellow+Orange actually make a good change/contrast?
And a second question also popped up – abdomen tattoos look very good when they have a symmetrical match on the opposite side. It seems tempting but I’m not sure, so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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