Hi everyone,

I’ve just joined this forum to get some advice and reassurance about my new tattoo, apologies for the length! I’ve sent pics to the lovely artist who has reassured me and I told him this morning that it seems better but it has worsened again during the day so I just need some more opinions.
I had it done 5 days ago and its getting to the scabbing stage. However there’s a quite painful, warm section of the outline closest to my inner bicep that is worrying me. I’ve been cleaning, using hustle butter etc. but it’s looking cracked and angry and when I put the butter on, bits flake off. The rest of the tattoo is totally fine, there’s no pus or anything leaking, it’s not getting worse but every now and again I get a short sharp pain from just that section. I have been wearing clothing to cover it for work which probably irritated and it is in a place where bending my arm makes it come into contact with my forearm quite a bit. Is it just irritation from movement and it will eventually heal in a few days or could it be the start of infection? I’ve had 4 previous tatts, healed great and never had this before. (And it looks redder than the picture shows!)

Thanks for all your help in advance!
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