I am thinking about getting one of these but I’ve heard that they scar badly and there a pain to heal. Are these a bad idea and will the scars ever go I’f I do get one.

Also any other advice on aftercare and problems they can have will be appreciated.


I work with a couple of really good piercers and they both say the same thing.
A scaffold should always be carried out as two separate piercings.
Give the two a month to heal and go go you with the bar.
The two piercings should of course be done at the same time and lined up for scaffold.
The theory is that if you put the bar in straight away the bar is pulling on two holes and as they are never lined up 100% you will almost always get damage.


i have a scaffold piercing and have had it for about 3 years now. Unfortunately i was too concerned with getting one and not really caring about who did it. I went to a piercer that was, well, known for not being the greatest, and she did my scaffold with one long needle. It did take a while to heal, I couldn’t sleep on it for weeks… but it didn’t help that I had to wear ear-muffs for work either, it was damned uncomfortable! No issue with scarring though.
All i did with mine was use a cotton-tip dipped in piercing solution and scrubbed off all the yucky crusties, and then another clean one dipped in the solution to give it a good clean… try not to wiggle it around with the crusties on it though coz it hurts!


They take a while to heal. I got mine done in July of 2010. Speaking with reputable piercers, I chose to use the long bar initially. If you start them as separate piercings, you risk having them heal at a wonky angle, even if you do have them done at the same time. If they heal wonky, when you put the bar in, it won’t rest right and can cause scarring and won’t fit right. Even if I got them separately, I wouldn’t try changing them after a month (as Tiger advised) as that would interrupt the healing process that was just beginning. This is a serious piercing. It takes serious babying for the first couple months. Even now, mine will sometimes get moody from who knows what and I have to baby it for a while. Be sure you are ready for the commitment. It can be very painful to jump in the water, helmets/head restraints and not to mention sleeping. My best pice of advice if you get it, invest $12 in a neck pillow. I got one about 3 months after my industrial and it is beyond amazing. Rather than using it traditionally, position it so that your ear is in the middle of the C so that it isn’t in contact with anything and can just ‘hover.’ It keeps your piercing cleaner and relieves it of unnecessary pressure and tugging. Good luck!


the biggest issue with this piercing is getting the angle of the holes right during the initial piercing. The hole follows the angle of the blade on the needle not the direction of length of needle. If your piercer understands this then the holes should be angled properly.

the other suggestion is that the first hole be pierced and then allow the needle to rest in whatever direction it chooses. Where ever the needle points to is the place the 2nd needle will be pierced. It is important to ensure that the piercing is not under tension as that will promote keloids and scarring.

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