What do some of you think about offset pierced ears? now what i mean by “offset” is like having what I have, in my left ear I have a 00ga tunnel (7/16 plug in the mail and on the way) and a 16ga horseshoe ring and in my right ear my lobe is double pierced with two 12’s.

I think it’s pretty cool myself because it’s unique I can’t say I’ve seen anyone else with ears pierced like mine but pretty much the whole reason they’re like that is because I pierced them myself and well i’m sure you can figure it out from there.
I’ll try to get some pictures as soon as I can and I’d love to see some other pics if you got em.


I’m a symmetrical kind of guy myself, I like both sides to be the same. But that’s just me – follow YOUR bliss, not mine!

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If i could see your piercing i would give my opinion but i can’t so i wont.

I have my ear stretched to 12mm will always be 12mm if people don’t like it they can die in a fucking fire for all i care.

Are you going to bark all day little doggy or are you going to bite?

Despite me being a bit OCD when it comes to most things, I treat my ears completely separate and I like it that way.

Right ear has bottom lobe stretched to 6g, 6 reg piercings and a industrial.
Left ear has 9 reg piercings (tore my lobe when I was younger so had my piercer pierce the bottom of each slit) and rook. I am thinking about stretching about mid ear on my left.

I have had a couple of people makes comments about my ears being different, but F em, it is not their ears.

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