Advice from other people is great but only you can really decide what is it you want to do with your ‘own’ body.If you have guidelines and rules to follow in the parent home your in,might be a great idea to leave until 15.You just never knowe you could strike a deal with your parents to do it as a birthday present for ya.Worth thinking about.


    i dont think its too young. i was that age when i got mine done. then a year later i got an inverted navel to go with it. i still have both of them and im 20 now. personally, i dont have a problem with it at 14. its not like you have to have it forever, you can always take it out. but i did the deal thing with my parents. i acted mature and struck up a deal and got it done…. my mom signed and went to sit in the car, she couldnt even be in the shop lol.


    I think personally its up to you but to be honest there is so much more risk than every1 thinks my mate had here belly peirced the peircing was fine there was no bleeding nothing, she made sure it was cleaned everyday and made sure she didnt touch it till properly healed any way it was fine for about a year and a half then all of a sudden it started hurting . she didnt think nething of it so she left it thn about two months later she had a look at it and the skin covering the bar had died and she cudnt have bars in ther then the skin broke off and she was stuck with two little bits of skin it was nasty to be honest i think you shud have a long think bout it coz not being funny but you dnt want a huge scar if it gets infected or even worse end up like my mate

    its up to you


    i think as long as you go to a good place and you are responsable enough to look after it while it is healing and after it has healed then its fine for you to get it at 15 after all if you change ur mind it will only be 2 tiny little dots that are left over ๐Ÿ™‚


    at the end of the day it is your desicion and noone can make it for u..i wud say aslong as u can treat the piercing propley so it dosnt get infected then u will be fine,,just make the desicion based on are u goin to regret it or not and if u really want it then go for it i say..i dont think it matters on age anythin above 15 then yeh but these days teenagers want to be like there friends or whatever looks nice they want to have it done and alot of teenagers will just go behind there parents backs anyway..good luck with it ๐Ÿ™‚


    im not being funy but if you have to ask other people wether it is a good age you obviously hav doubts yourself .
    i never asked any1 when i had mine done i dont it wen i was ready
    its not up to any1 else what you do with your body its up to you
    have a think


    I think it depends on what your parents think… If they’re OK go ahead, when you feel ready.
    I’ve got mine at 13 years old, went with my mom :). Never regret it.

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