Hello my name is Douglas I have a few tattoos already… the next one i am about to get has been an absolute nightmare to get.

i put my heart and soul into figuring out exactly what i wanted and it took me about 2 months to really work the bugs out of my idea… then i went through 3 different local artists having to get deposits back 2 different times because people are jerking me around and not showing up to their appointments or double booking… not having artwork ready like we talked about.

i think i finally found a great shop and a good artist in Akron Ohio… that is actaully 10 hours from where i live… it’s going to be a 5 hour sitting. i really hope this works out.


Welcome to the forum. Hope all works out the way you hope! 🙂



Wow sounds like fun times.

I had a mini issue with a gutting doing my one I want to get but I’ve moved on
He was killing me so he lost ou on the $$ oh well


welcome to the forum, the right artist is everything, good luck


good luck bud, hope it work’s out for you it’s fucking annoying when you get pissed around.

Be sure to post pictures when your tattoo is done


Thank you… I will deffinatly post pictures once it is done. I am really excited.

And today it the first day for my Beard Challenge!!! I blogged about it its titled weight loss… if anyone gets board they can read it but it will make for an interesting project.


Good luck with it and welcome to forum!

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