Hi All,

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for some time now and think I want to move forward with it. I had a quick question I wanted to pose though since I’ve not gotten much clarity on the subject…

Years ago, I had a number of piercings (both ear lobes, cartilage, eyebrow, etc.). The piercings on my ear lobes specifically resulted in keloid scarring to the point where I had to have them surgically removed. Needless to say, I have no piercings anymore. The doctor who performed the procedure warned that I should never get a tattoo as this could result in keloid scarring, but I didn’t know for sure since I never got a keloid on my eyebrow or my cartilage. Has anyone had this experience before? If so, would you recommend I chance the keloid scarring? I’m just really nervous about how this would heal up.




If you have suffered keloid scarring from a minor piercing such as ears you are a high risk category for any other form of body modification turning into scarring.

Tattoos do not pierce all the way to the sub-dermal but can result in small bumps and scarring lumps if you suffer with the keloidal condition.

One way to measure it is do you have any scrapes or cuts that turned into lumpy scar tissue?

My advice would be to follow the dr’s opinion and not risk it.

Take care


Hey Man,

Thanks very much for the advice. That’s what I’ve been leaning towards since I definitely would rather have no tattoo than to have a tattoo that’s healed up all wrong.

In regards to other cuts and scrapes, I’ve never keloided from getting cut or scraped and do actually have a number of scars that never turned into keloids. I think I may have keloided from my ears because at one point I ended up having them repierced? Even after the surgery, which required the doctor cutting the scar tissue out, I never keloided again. Maybe it was a fluke, but either way, I know I’d be risking it.

We’ll see…


I know (not close) a guy with a similar problem. However he is now covered in ink, well chest, back arms and a little on his legs. The big cause of his piercing problems is the aggravation of the jewellery, he was told not to think about a tattoo, so he followed the medical advice as he says, he didn’t get a tattoo he got lots. It could be worth having a chat to a tattooist and getting something small “test patch” where it won’t be seen and going from there.

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