Little Miss Bobbins

Hi all,

I have signed up as I have been interested in tattoos and doing research since i was a kid and i just love them.
My parents and generally my whole family before my generation have been in the forces wether army or navy so I have been around them for years and i want to carry on the tradition that my great grandad had and I want a new tattoo for everywhere I go in the world.:p
I have a few so far but I am wanting more but I cant afford it just yet, hopefully I will have my sleeve finished by the time the london tattoo convention comes round but we shall see.

I am training to be a yoga teacher and body peircing. I have my own Nail extension business, clothing customising business and I trade in vintage clothes and accessories or vintage inspired. So if you need anything doing let me know. I also want to train to do Pinstriping as I love it so much. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
I have recently got into Rockabilly culture and i love it, what a great era.

Ooh and I am at the moment doing research into Cuban tattoos as I am off there soon and I want an authentic tattoo by a local tattooist so if anyone can help int hat department i would be eternally grateful.

Anyway look forward to speaking to everyone soon.
Thanks for reading.
Little Miss Bobbins
xxxxx :):D


Hi I like pie

Little Miss Bobbins

Hmmm pie x

Little Miss Bobbins;85467 wrote:
I also want to train to do Pinstriping as I love it so much. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

like on cars and such ??????

i loves a good pinstripe……..

Little Miss Bobbins

yep on cars and weirdly shoes too. I have a pair that have had the heel pinstriped which look awesome.
I like pinstriping on bikes also so i am open to anything with pinstriping.


hi and welcome i like heels to :s but only at weekends lol

Little Miss Bobbins

te he he, you naughty devil! lolx


welcome to the forum! you will like it here:D


Welcome to the forum. As you have notice with the replies, there’s a lot of friendly people here.


Welcome to this fun bunch.


Welcome. Good luck with the Cuban tattoo and post pics when you get it.

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