What’s up everyone! I am not a tattoo artist or nething cool like that, I cant draw @ all, but mad respect to all of you that do/can, my profile pic is one of my 3 tattoos, this was my most recent, got it last year(in asheville, nc), i really want more, so addictive. I am a pediatriac nurse in north carolina and I joined bc i wanted to check out other tats and decide what to get next


hello and welcome 🙂


Hello, but . . . no picture 🙁


Welcome. Are there any rules against visible tattoos as a pediatric nurse?


Hellllllllooooooooo Nurse!

Sorry, had an Animaniacs moment. Welcome!

"The creation of mankind was the act of an egomaniac, plain and simple"
— from Preacher by Garth Ennis

Hi there,
I am currently doing some research for an art and fashion magazine and I was wondering if you were able to help me; We are looking for

-People who have fashion Brand tattoos. We are looking for high end brand tattoos (LV, Chanel, YSL, Fendi, Gucci, Moschino, D&G, etc)

-We are also looking for people who have these brand tattos on large areas – like the Scott Campbell LV Tattoo on that mans arm.

I was wondering if it was possible if you know of or have any information on people with these sorts of tattoos to get in touch or send me some photos or contact information for these people.

Thank you for your time.

Polly Marwick


welcome aboard, always good to have someone from the medical profession around……

post your ink in this thread, use photobucket or the like, and copy the .img code

my niece is a nurse in charlette……………i’ve also done some gemming near ashville……

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