east of eden

And I have one tattoo. I wish to god I had the money for more though.

It’s in Sanskrit and it translates (loosely) to “Jewel at the center of the lotus.”

Basically to me that means triumph through struggle, just like my life. Lotus flowers are some of the most beautiful flowers on earth but they grow in ugly muddy waters.


So I’m not really a bad ass or anything but I wish I was, lol.

Hmm, I also have some ideas for new tattoos someday that I need help with but I don’t know if this is where to post about it. Or if people even do that on here. I’m new.

(Ideas: I’m Greek so I really want a Greek inspired tattoo. Maybe the Greek key or something along those lines. And my other idea was some sort of traditional looking tattoo [man I really like those the best] for my son. His name is Jay and I call him Jay Bird and Birdie [umm he’s a baby]. I kind of like the idea of two jay birds or two any kind of birds holding a banner that says something really cool on it . Uhhh here I am rambling.)


welcome to the forum, did you post up a pic of your tattoo yet ?

Just TaNa the BuTtErFlY Girl



welcome to the forum bailey

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Welcome. Nice to meet ya.


Hello and welcome to the forum


Hi, I’d like to see a picture as well. The only sandscript I’ve ever seen has been curtesy of Hollywood. It would be interesting to see the real deal.

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