Hey everyone, just joined this site already looks very good! I’ve been thinking about a tattoo for quite sometime and have finally narrowed it down to a specific one but i need someone to sketch me a draft if possible? I was hoping to get my last name FARLEY done up with the Famous stars and straps F. Here is a rough draft a fellow made for me. FAMOUS.jpg looking for a higher quality drawing though. Thanks everyone!


welcome to the forum, sorry but im not a fan of the f .
the other script style i like

Just TaNa the BuTtErFlY Girl



Get it man!
I LOVE Famous Stars and Straps clothing and their crew, especially the “F” but I personally wouldn’t get it.

Where were you thinking of placing it?

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I wanted it on my shoulder blade at a 45 degree angle with my shoulders. I’ve been following Famous since it first came out. The whole Family First thing won me over haha

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