this is my most recent tattoo i have gotten from my buddy who is currently apprenticing and has been tattooing for i think around 5 or 6 months not exactly sure how long but whatever. well here it is i love traditional work and had him redesign it a little bit…i told him to draw it and throw his spin on it. lemme know what you guys think and am very open to what you guys have to say…and its on my left side of my stomach and starts at the top of the hip bone and touches the bottom rib or two and yes it was quite painful in some areas…hope to see some posts of what yall have to say


Looks pretty good imho for apprentice work. Some of the lines are kind of shaky, which is more noticeable due to the nature of the design. The reflection on the blade is a bit off … the lines don’t quite line up. It also seems like the reflection on the blade and brass knuckles should be facing the same way no? I don’t have them here to recreate the effect in real life, but that’s what I think. Again though, pretty solid for an apprentice.


Yea a few lines may be a bit off but honestly it doesnt bother me and the long line on the top edge of the blade looks off but its my stomach that makes it look that way…as far as the reflection its like that because if the knuckles were inbetween the blade and handle it would be skewed opposite of the blade..and im not looking for realism just what was more aesthetically pleasing and all the lines in the same direction would be too pattern like across the piece as a whole. But thanks for the reply…


Nice one man, congrats


Yep that’s a tattoo alright


Seen this design done a few times always liked it, look’s good mate congrats.


Congratz matey!


Congrats. It looks nice. :):):)


yeah, its a apprentice tattoo, brass knucles kinda off especially at handle, lettering is different sizes and kinda off,especially in neighbor, but all in all, ok apprentice tattoo I guess, you like it, thats what counts

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