Hey all, this is my first tattoo. A star on the inside of my forearm, its a little over done and nothing original, but i like it, and its a quote than will never be untrue,
anyway i would like to turn this small tattoo, into a 3//4 sleeve,
i was thinking all black and grey, with red highlights.
i would like the star to flow into it like it was always ment to be there,
my idea so far was a down swimming koi with a few lotus flowers and red cherry blossoms, also including an old style pocked watch on the inside of my bicep, ( this idea is just an idea at the moment )
i would like the koi going down with the traditional waves, but to blend in the star, i was thinking of having the water bars and waves flow around my elbow and then circle into a night sky ,some clouds around the star and maybe some rays of light coming through? even a bird?, i know this will be mixing themes, opinions?
also i was even considering flowing the ribbon off the star up through to the top with having some family members names on the ribbon,( this was first thoughts but am thinking it would maybe look out of place?)
anyway im just after some opinions of some other tattoo fans,
any help would be appreciated (:
thanks heaps,

photo taken right after this was done, was about a year ago now, but no new photos

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