Hi Guys,

Recently got my first tattoo.
Having a tattoo of my family crest has been something i have wanted for around 8 or so years now, and i finally decided to do it. I spent a bit of time looking for an artist i was happy with and found Georgie from Ink Kings, McLaren Vale, South Australia.

After some back and forth with some reference material, the tattoo took one sitting of just on 3 hours to get to this point, going back next week to finish off some of the mid tone shading.

Im very happy with it so far 😀

Interested in peoples opinions, but please excuse the average photography. It is hard to get a photo of the tattoo without the perspective being a bit skewed because of positioning on the shoulder, in reality it sits beautifully and straight with the lines of my shoulder/arm.


Some of the reference material;



A few hours old;


A few weeks old;



I think it looks very nice, as you said some more shading will make it look even better.

Will you add any more colour to it?

Family crest eh? you a lord or something lol


thats an awesome tattoo. i think more color or shading will really make it pop

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