Hi guys, this was my new tattoo I posed in the general section.

I have a few reasons for choosing a koi design. the Kanji was actually from an old tattoo that was from a coverup, and I’m thinking about deleting it. It works well with the tattoo, but I’m not 100% on the translation. Its very close to the word “success” but I had the artist stack the symbols so it fit on my arm better. In hindsite this might have destroyed the meaning. As long as it doesnt say something rediculous, there isnt a huge rush.

the tatto itself is hard to photo. Just the way it sits on my shoulder, it makes it look uneven in the pictures. Its actually quite sharp and dark. My wife and I both have a few, and this one turned our quite nicely, I just wish the detail was easier to shoot.

If you’re following the other thread I’m still concerned about the tattoos interpretation, but it was never intended to offend. lol.


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