I just realized after the typing the title of the thread that what I’m calling my “Anti-asian sleeve” sounds vaguely racist. Mental note: come up with a better name.


I really don’t care for the asian style of tattoos. There’s a few amazing ones like Sherav’s backpiece, but usually seeing another damn koi or chinese dragon is a big steaming pile of “meh” for me. The fact that they’re so damn common just makes it worse.

So I decided to subvert it. The lines are being done in the bold, asian style, but the colors are going to be dark. The dragon curling around my arm is undead and rotting, while a zombie koi will be swimming up my arm on a river of blood. In the distance, between the two, a japanese village on a mountain top will be in flames.

It’s hard to see in the pic, but this is also going to be a cover up of my “Love. Peace. Metallica.” tattoo. It wasn’t originally intended to, but this new piece just couldn’t work if that guy didn’t get covered.

It’s not such of a much yet. Just the outline of the top half. I’ll keep all ya’all posted.

Love. Peace. Metallica.




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