Dear all,

first of all hello to you all, I found this forum today and hope to spend some time here in the future. In my environment most people tend to think tattoos are somewhat offensive / underclass / whatever, so I hope to meet some aficionados here :D.

In any case, I have one specific question in mind. I have gotten 4 tattoos on my left upper arm in recent years; and all the time I kind of did not think about where I want to end up with the overall design, so they are all kind of ecclectic. What I am looking for at the moment is a way to unify the different tattoos with a common background, but I have no clue with what.

So I am kind of looking for some inspirational ideas, at the moment they are all like: X X X, but I am looking more fore X=X=X ;).

In any case, have a look:





So if anyone has some ideas for a common background, fire away. But in any case, best wishes from Brussels / Belgium!


The last one looks good

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