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This is the phoenix on my forearm. Part of a 3/4 sleeve piece:



Had it done just over a week ago, loved it at first but now I’m unsure about it. It looks to me like the curve of the spine/neck is wrong, like the neck has been broken. Hence the red lines, my attempt to trace the backbone. Also that the image itself, while good on paper, doesn’t work as a forearm piece – the neck and the wing on the farside.

Anyone else got an opinion?

Links to the images:



I think that maybe you are correct that the main problem is that this doesn’t work well as an arm piece. I’m having a problem identifying where each part of the bird is, although Im sure that would all come together in the coloring.


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What is the deal with the broken lines? Was your artist using some old dry ink, or was he an epileptic? I don’t get this at all. (Apologies to any epileptic tattoo artists out there, no offense.)

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Big question is whether I press on with the shading/colouring when I’m not 100% convinced with the tattoo… I’ll meet with the artist again to go through it.

As for the linework – that’s not a problem. It’s the shape/anatomy of the piece. The broken lines at the bottom are because I’m having the phoenix coming out of the clouds so they’ll blend into the main piece. With the rest it’s a recent tattoo so there’s a fair amount of peeling skin.


I would try to find a decent artist after that line work has healed to try and save it mate don’t go with the artist that did the line work you will regret it.

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That face needs a lot of work. Luckily, it looks like it can be saved.

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