Hey everyone been thinking about getting a half sleeve (wrist to elbow) tattoo for sometime and have come up with a design on photoshop and would love some feedback (design, content,  placement, whatever) as not very many of my friends are into tattoos so have very little to say about it.

imagine the image as a wrap around the forearm with the lighthouse coming up the inner arm.

thanks in advance!!


lighthouse tattoo


Very doable it will have to be big and need a great tattooist. Finding the right tattooist to do it will be the most important part of this. Can we help you find the right tattooist?


very cool pic. if done right the waves and other bits will wrap round and blend together very well. the birds can be used to add accents throughout where needed.



I think that will be sweet! I totally agree with buttwheat, find the right tattooist. I went to someone who did more new school hoping he could pull off a more “in between” realism and new school crazy cartoon and only got an okayish tattoo (IMO). So finding someone who’s work represents what you are looking for is imperative!

I love the look of a scene coming up from the wrist into the forearm, the lighthouse and ship are going to look so cool with that placement!! Good luck, I hope you find an amazing artist!


Looking great! I live by the sea and have been planning something a little similar, but based more around lifeboats…

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