I’m searching for some new numbing cream for my tattoo next Saturday (the 12th) I live in the UK but can buy some online if it’s good quality & long lasting (it’s a 2hr session). I discovered that you can no longer buy Ametop from a chemists plus I want a change anyway…..if anyone can recommend one then let me know.


    Don’t use one they can lead to problems with your tattoo


    I don’t recommend them. I had an allergic reaction to one that led to severe swelling and I was nearly hospitalized because of it.


    You don’t need it. Especially for a 2 hour tattoo. Seriously, suck it up, buttercup.

    Aiken Drum

    2 hours? Numbing cream? Are you mad?
    I honestly try to bite my lip if I have nothing nice to say but come on…. even my Mum could’ve taken 2 hours!
    Where on the body are you having tattooed? If it’s not your nipples, armpit or genitalia then man (or woman) up! 🙂


    Well, rather than numbing it, you could try not being such a pussy?

    I know that’s harsh and we try to avoid that in these parts, but, for real.

    Why would you want to numb it anyway? Tattoos hurt. They’re supposed to. The pain and the blood are part of the price we pay. It’s what sets us apart, that willingness to endure for the art we love for our own reasons. It’s not something that most of the uninked really understand. It’s part of the mystic. If getting inked didn’t hurt, if they could be removed at a whim, everyone would have sleeves and knuckle pieces, and most of us gathered here would lose interest.

    The pain is part of the experience. Numbing it away is akin to going to a concert and instead of watching the band, you’re recording it on your cell phone. It’s reading a book, but skipping right to the ending. It’s fucking the woman you love, but using a condom. It’s fighting with gloves, it’s drinking alone, it’s refusing to make mistakes. You’re losing out on an experience, putting a filter between you and life. Go out, and just FUCKING live. Get hurt, get drunk, watch the show, just drink it in!

    …I seriously need to cut back on my coffee intake.

    Love. Peace. Metallica.

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