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    I had one of my lizard tattoos gone over and that was more painful than when it was originally done. That was after a couple of months, perhaps after a year or so it would be fine.

    I had my Ankh touched up after a year and it still sucked!


    It won’t be as bad because there will just be shading done. No outline. Shading was a cake compared to the outline.(For me)


    I only have the outside and inside thigh work, but i completely agree with the statement comparing it to a burning, rather than an unbearable pain. The inner one tends to make you grit your teeth a bit as they get closer to the inside, and when they get around the back of a knee for sure. Over-all i expect far worse pain on future pieces.


    The outer part of my backpiece along the rib edges really hurt and the lower part across the kidneys felt like he was pouring in acid.
    The most painful ink I had was over a skin graph on my leg and I was close to tears after 3 hours.

    Oddly a reshade on my arm was hardly anything but a light scratch.

    I asked a friend who had their lips fully shaded and outlined (permanent make-up) and she said that it was agony afterwards as they swelled and cracked, but whilst being done was no worse than her arm ink.

    Her lips did look like she had been badly beaten for about 2 weeks.

    Take care


    My hip/side was done today. It was terrible. I was in moderate-severe pain. I used deep-breathing, visualization, counting, everything in my non-med bag of tricks. Little relief. But it was worth it.


    I got my back done in 3 8hour sessions. Even when the needle was on my spine I pretty much didn’t feel it. Hell, I fell asleep for six hours in the chair during one of them. My fingers and elbows, I’ve heard bad things about, but nada. The worst part about my neck tattoo was the creak I got in my neck from the awkward angle I had to hold my neck at for 45 minutes.

    My ass, on the other hand, fuck me with a rusty rake. I had my pants around my ankles, with my man Troy sitting with his face three inches away, while I made these grunting noises. I think it was all that cellulite.

    For the most part, getting inked isn’t a thing, but piercings, those I take like a bitch. When I got my inner orbital conch done, it took my guy nearly an hour to get it done. At the 1/2 hour mark I offered to suck his dick if he could just tell me he was done. A few months later, when I went to get my ear done, go from nothing to a 0 gauge, the new piercer, who’s known me for years, actually went into the tattoo room and said “Hey, Matt’s getting poked. There’s going to be some screaming”.

    He was not wrong.

    Love. Peace. Metallica.


    Definitely the sternum… the sides of the chest above the nips weren’t bad but I almost fucking cried when outlining the center of my chest…but the shading was not bad at all…next worse was either the shin or calf…both of those sucked equally…and the foot..Fuck that


    i agree, the ass was the worst part for me. especially when it got near the crack… damn…


    You people just don’t have enough ass like the women here.

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