I hear a lot of people say, “____ is terrible!” or, “_____ isn’t so bad!”

    There seems to be some universal agreement – Tattoos on your feet and hands always hurt because of all the nerve endings.

    However, I’ve heard a number of people complain about thighs…. My thigh tattoo, although small, wasn’t bad.

    I didn’t think ribs were too excruciating. The room was a little cold, but the pain wasn’t bad.

    The nice fatty lower abdomen was okay. My pubis was surprisingly painful.

    The next one will be on the top of the hip beneath the hips. Not a lot of knowledge if this will be very painful, but I kind of doubt it. (I’m well-padded there, as previous posts have indicated. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    What hurts you the most? What do you think isn’t too bad?


    Worst to least: 1) Behind my knee 2) nipple / arm pit (about the same pain level) 3) ball of ankle 4) close to ribs 5) top of foot (but only in only a few spots)

    But I still plan on going back for more!

    My shin work was not a problem which surprised artist Anthony Zamora. Upper, inner thigh was more of a “heat” sensation and was not bad.


    I always thought the arm pit would be a great place to tattoo, but can’t think of anything that suits the area. Really? The foot wasn’t bad?


    @GrayCatLove 133280 wrote:

    Really? The foot wasn’t bad?

    Only the top midway between the ankle and the front of my foot. (the bone under the inside of the manhole cover.


    Okay, that makes sense.

    (I just got a big lecture from a family member that if my bosses found out what kind of freak I really was, my career would be over. I’m not sure whether not to take it seriously, but I really want to go bold and get a tattoo in a place that I could cover up, but I have the option not to cover up in “normal” clothes. I’m torn.)


    Every time I try to make an appointment to touch up the tiny heart tattoo on my finger I wimp out before I dial the phone. It was pretty bad the first time.

    And the newest goes really close to the point of my elbow. That sucked. But totally worth it.


    As mentioned…. the hand. Especially the webbing in between my thumb and index finger. Felt like liquid fire.
    Was the first time I actually had to focus on my breathing.


    On one of my shins it was almost unbearable but then on the other shin wasn’t bad at all.


    Many of my tattoos actually weren’t to bad, I always say my calves hurt pretty bad. I think a lot of the reason why my Ankh hurt was because he was going over an already tattooed area that was scarred and all of that. Yea, I know I left nail impressions in my arm while he was doing that one. As far as my other calf, it wasn’t to bad. In close second I’d say the area on my inner arm up near the armpit. Yea, did not feel good and I still have more work to do on my right inner arm (Yikes!) but I’ll definitely say it’s not unbearable. I’m still considering a chest tattoo..I can only imagine what that’ll be like!


    Hmm… Let’s try this one at the time, starting from the bottom;D
    Ankle; Not too much pain, but straight across the achilles heel sure wasn’t pleasant. I might have screamed a little at that point.
    Backside of my calfs; Not really much pain. The top part felt like it was right behind my knee, which hurt like shit. I can’t imagine tattooing the back of my knee.
    Shin; Well.. Not too bad really.
    Stomach: Hipbones and vulva area hurt a lot. Most painful spot today – hipbones. Motherfucker. I tapped out when we only had like 30mins left.
    Arms: Close to armpit hurt. Elbows… Not too bad. I was playing games on my phone when that was done and honestly hardly noticed. Found the area close to my elbow to be worst. With my arms I mostly experienced a lot of tickling – like someone was tickling me under my feet, on my side, on my back, etc ๐Ÿ˜› Very strange! Rest of arms is like the most comfortable place to be tattooed for me ๐Ÿ™‚
    Finger: Eh. Painful. Yes. Took like 5mins, but never had that much pain so quickly before!
    Back: My tattoo artists on this one is a hard one, so that hurt. Middle back/backbone was terrible. Shoulder felt like a rough massage. Thinking it wouldn’t hurt much with a more gentle artist.
    Chest: I have a tiny one on one boob. Only tickled, no pain ๐Ÿ™‚


    11 hours on my shin was 11 hours of torture lol

    Thighs seem to be my weak point!


    @buttwheat 133294 wrote:

    On one of my shins it was almost unbearable but then on the other shin wasn’t bad at all.

    Other people have said this. I guess I picked the good one first.


    Sternum: never again.
    but the worst place I think was on the backside of my wrist.


    My elbow’s were bad.. But My knuckles were the worst!!! I even had a light Tattooing hand as well. Good thing the Ink stayed in Fairly well, even though the Touch up won’t be as bad.

    Once it hit the crease of the knuckles I almost shit my self….


    @We HEART LA 133363 wrote:

    Touch up won’t be as bad.

    I had one of my lizard tattoos gone over and that was more painful than when it was originally done. That was after a couple of months, perhaps after a year or so it would be fine.

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