What is one to do when one likes many different tattoo styles? I have a Japanese inspired sleeve on one arm. I’m gathering ideas of what I would like for my eventual second sleeve. I feel I’m leaning toward traditional amaricana style. I don’t want to clash but must I stick with a specific style? It sucks when so many styles appeal to me. What are others thoughts? Do you all stick to one style at all parts of your body or do you mix it up?


Once I would have said stick with one style but now I think it is your body, your skin so get what you want. If that means a mix of styles then that is ok.


Mix that shit up if you want there are no rules


Mix it up 🙂

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Mix it up. I have 3 different styles and 4 tattoos. I’m too eclectic to keep the one theme.

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I plan on mixing it up (to a point) Tattos on my legs are similar. Arms, back, chest, are different regions.

Go with what strikes you.

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