I am looking to get my next tattoo of a quote by Albert Einstein: “Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow.” And translate it into Hebrew.

My question is, as a female, should I switch the gender to feminine? The quote is by Einstein (a man) and Hebrew deems the Masculine gender as the general gender.

Any thoughts/ideas? Is this a personal choice or something that I should do or else the tattoo is wrong?

This is a preliminary question as I am just beginning to figure out how to translate this. Currently going off the very simple translation given by google, but I’m not trusting it implicitly.


I’d deem it more a personal choice. Get it translated by someone who actually speaks both fluently.


Just my opinion but I think getting a tattoo in a language you dont speak is a massive wank. What’s wrong with English? Or better yet, an image.

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