My father just pasted away the 7th he was a proud 82 nd airborne man, my idea of a memorial tat was to get the jumpmaster wings and” in loving memory of dad”.. My problem is my oldest brother threw a fricking fit..Said I wasnt in the airborne and would be a lowlife poser. ( this took place in the funeral home while picking out his casket) so I let it slide.. Later I tried to talk about it with him about my idea and he got even more pissed. I dont see how anyone who served in the airborne would take it wrong when its going to say in memory of..( I asked my uncle, another old school 82nd man and he said GO for it)

What do you think? would I be seen as a want to be ?

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I have a dragon on my back and I’m pretty certain I have never been a dragon nor ever will be! I think it’s pretty obvious by the text you are NOT in the 82nd. A very personal choice. Is it your brother doesn’t like tattoos in general, annoyed he didn’t think of it first. No one here can advise you to your family relationships, but I’m certain many will gladly point holes in your brothers logic, well lack there of.


Sorry for your loss.

How about finding you and your dad like to do together and get a tattoo of that? My dad and I enjoyed fishing together and after he died I got a fish tattoo for him. No words it doesn’t need them I know who and what it is for.


Some military folks frown upon people getting military insignias tattooed when they were never actually in the military.

I think buttwheats idea to get something you enjoyed doing together is a pretty good idea for a memorial.

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thanks guys for the imput, I have thought about all the stuff we did together, I have a full sleeve of animal tracks we hunted and leaves ( my son was the last of the grandsons to get his deer while hunting with Grampa) So I have that side already covered….and we did go trolling alot, even the week before he went into the hospital, up at 2 am and I had to have him back home before it reached 80 deg (due to the meds they had him on) but I dont think a rainbow or brown trout will fit in with all my other tats of zombies, brass knucks, hand grenades and off the wall stuff I’m already covered with..lol

300 hours in the chair….another 400 more to go..

Fuck the haters. Get the tattoo that you want for your dad. It’s a memorial tattoo, and as personal a choice as is possible. NOBODY should dictate what you choose in this.

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