Good evening.

Am planning getting my first tat in a month or so and is meant to be in memory off my brother and one of my best friends that i lost in the last couple off years. I havent yet decide what am gonna get i have a couple of ideas for it and i want you opinion on them (please be gentle) and of course your ideas or suggestion.

1st is a plain Eric Cartman screaming God damn it and their initials in some way incorporated in it. They both loved that little fuck.

2nd one is a something iinspired by Día de los Muertos although am not Hispanic or Christian i really like the art thats is inspired by this holiday.

That my ideas am open to suggestions critisism etc on them.

Thanks for your time.

P.s. english ain’t my first language so excuse grammatical, error spelling error and overall bloopers that may occur in my posts

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I like those ideas but I don’t think it’s necessary to get the initials you don’t need those to help you remember who the tattoo is for.


I personally love the day of the dead stuff.


You should deffinatly get the Eric Cartmen! I also have a Eric Cartmen tattoo, feel free to check it out in my ablum.

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