I know a street shop artist with a couple years in the game, he shows signs of doing well, he is at $60,000 US…………….note, he has no health insurance, life insuance, disability insurance, dental care, eye care, vacation or holiday pay…………………net, he isnt really doing great, he does ok

I would say my friend is well above average for a street shop in a huge city, in some of Atlantas street shops guys are hoping to pay this months rent, trying to get their car fixed, some dont have a car, I know some who live on someone elses couch, they have few possessions, tattoo machines, a laptop, some electronics, it is a tough life trying to make it in this business, there are so many people calling themselves tattooist and so many shops, hundreds of shops in Atlanta

I know one of the industries top artists, some have said he is number one, having been in his lavish huge mansion of a home, he makes several hundred thousand dollars a year plus (in good times times nearly half a million) , books, dvd’s, semiars, websites, huge tattoos on famous and not so famous people that pay $20,000-40,000 and more……………he has over 15 years in the game…………..now granted he still has to buy his health insurance, eye care (contacts), dental care and he doesnt get paid vacation or holiday pay, there is no pension, no retirement income unless planned for, it hasnt been a easy life, tattooing in shit holes working your way up for people who didnt always treat you right, doing twenty, thirty, fourty tattoos a day to build skill and make enough at his then small wages to share an aprtment with another artist, then lots of travel at your own expense, grueling hours, uncomfortable conditons tattooing at any convention you can, promoting, working on your websites all night building an empire, its nearly killed him, his health and mental well being took a huge hit…………but yes he makes some big bucks

You say this mega artist should use your drawing, Ive seen him throw $10,000 in someones face and tell them to get the fuck out of the shop and chase them out the parking lot……………dont insult the man, he is a creator of some of the best tattoo pieces anyone has ever seen, what does he need your drawing for, give him an idea and let his genius (but possible insane) mind run………………some of you have heard stories of worse, maybe he has pulled a pistol or actually phyiscally struck a customer before, I dont know, stories fly you know

Some of those artists you have seen on TV this year are making $100,000 and above, but keep in mind, they are the chosen TV artists out of a tens and tens of thousands of US tattoo artists, and they took a decade or more to get where they are

This aint no easy life……………………..

currently wearing 250 hours, and many more to go, cant explain what my ink means, its personal, it is about who I am