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Just thought I’d share the method that works for me.

Streight after the taattoo apply some bepanthem nappy rash cream and wrap the tattoo..
I keep it wrapped for no more than 2 hours.
Once unwraped wash and clean all the goo and juice then pat dry..
Once dry apply more bepanthem..

I use bepanthem nappy fash cream throughout. I don’t swith to a diffrent crream or lotion.

I just re apply when the tattoo feels dry..
I use the cream for around 2 – 3 weeks by that time its healed

Anyone else use bepanthem or somting similar.. Its not a tattoo cream just a nappy rash cream


Pretty much the same method as you except I use Aquaphor for the first 3-4 days then switch to an unscented lotion applied a couple of times a day.


I did exactly this with much first tattoo but found bepanthen to be too thick to rub in on my latest one without rubbing at the scabs so i switched to an unscented lotion when it started to scab.


After Inked and H2Ocean 😀 Amazing!


I use bep also but no where near that Long. I use it for like a week and then light moisturiser.


I do whatever the artist recommends, but I have to say that my latest tattoo healed the fastest. I kept wrapped until it started to peel, which was about three days. I kept it washed a few times a day and rewrapped. I know lots of people don’t agree in keeping it wrapped, and I was sceptical, with it being a wound etc, but it was peeled and well on its way to healing 7 days after each session.

Having said that I think the artist is very gentle, so it could just have been that there was very little skin trauma.

Whether wrapped or not, I use Bep until it has peeled and then use lotion until it is no longer dry.

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