Hi all,

Just after some opinions about keeping symbolism in tattoos.
I’m currently working on a full sleeve on my right arm and will have the third sitting (colour of the first piece) soon, but I am looking for help with the next section.

Part of the sleeve design will feature a ‘Fo dog’ or ‘Foo dog’ / Chinese Guardian Lion on the inner bicep (as part of an oriental theme the outer bicep / shoulder has a steampunk koi fish which will have traditional elements – see my album for current pics)

The question that I have:
The fo dog is usually found in a male / female pair, guarding gates or entrance ways, the pairing represents yin / yang.

The female is usually found on the left hand side if you are facing the gate / entrance.

In my situation that would mean the female fo dog should traditionally be on my right inner bicep and the male on the left, but I prefer the design and symbolism of the male fo dog.

(There is a tonne of information on the symbolism of both male and female fo dogs)

So do I keep the traditional and go with a female fo dog on the right inner bicep (then try and work the male into the left arm where I already have work) or just go with the male fo dog and don’t worry about the symbolism?

Thoughts please.


Dont worry about symbolizym and do what u think is cool, unless you are a true buddhist.


no doubt……………


I understand the need to feel like your getting it right… but honestly if you like it then you like it do what makes you feel more comfortable. If you have to look up the meaning to the symbols your going to use… then maybe the symbolism is not really that important to you? not as important that the image? just a thought.


Cheers for the input – I guess at the end of the day, the main reasoning for placement is for feng shui and a belief that they are somehow mystic creatures – which I don’t really subscribe to so it shouldn’t be to much of an issue.

I have to wait a bit to get the first piece of the sleeve coloured then will get my artist to draw up a fo dog that goes with the rest of the design 🙂

Again – thanks for the input.

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