Hello guys, here’s the thing.I’ve had my first tattoo 4 days ago, and i was wondering if it is safe to attend my kick boxing training at this point.Of course, i won’t be doing any matches or anything, but can i at least work out with the rest of the team, ensuring that my tattoo won’t be “touched” in any way?
P.S Having some piercings in the past, i know that my body takes some more time than most people to regenerate.After 4 days my tattoo has started today to crack, peel and scab here and there.Oh, and i have it on my arm, just below my shoulder.
Thanks in advance.


most of the artists I have delt with ask that we wait a week,
honestly now that Ive been in a gym 34 years, a week or two doesnt hurt, I woudl rather properly heal the piece I am going to wear forever

Darth Bane

From personal experience, I used to fight too. Did it for about 5-6 years and loved it. There are too many “what ifs” in doing a combat sport (or anything with contact) when having a tattoo heal. If your wearing a shirt while training, the sweat and your shirt rubbing against the site can really irritate it. Even with how clean most gyms are, there is still that chance of some bozo coming in with a skin infection and your tattoo is prime breading ground for it. Just wait a week, it can be your recovery week.


I took two weeks away from muay thai after my latest tattoo.
Being covered in sweat, shirt rubbing and possibly dropping skin everywhere (if you flake up when healing) isn’t ideal for a tattoo or for your training partners.

Take at least a week, unless you are training for competition in the near future.
A week won’t hurt your training.

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