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A couple of notes to what you posted.

Water I drink every da,y all day.
Tried calorie counting and writing down what i’m eating. Did that for quite a few months with very little success along with working out for 30mins to an hour every evening. Not a single pound lost. Frequent meals never helped either, trust me. I’m one of those people who have probably tried everything possible without any luck.

Planning a doctor’s trip here soon for a refill on one of my prescriptions, going to be talking to her then about it and see what she says about it since nothing I’ve done has worked.

Thanks for the suggestions but trust me, i’ve tried it all already.

I had a lot of success with joining a weight loss group. In total I lost 40lbs. I found the support of the group and being accountable to someone else really motivated me. I have no self discipline so am rubbish at losing weight on my own but found that when I knew I was paying for it and I had to account to someone else the weight dropped off. I also took up running and weight training. Running has been by far the best thing I ever did, I’ve even competed in a few half marathons! Good luck with your goals.


She’s not prescribing me anything for me to loose weight. I have Acid Reflux so she prescribes me something for that and it’s what I need to get refills.

Actually planning on joining weight watchers or something like that. Hell, my mom has Thyroid problems and that can play a big part so I’m going have them check mine just to see what’s up.

Anyway, thread was about how tattoos may change, not what I’m doing or not doing and from what I can see it depends on the person and the weight lost but I appreciate the help anyway.

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