In my town, there are several back room tattoo artists, and they are all promoting this one idea of 12 hours of tattooing for 400 dollars.. Now that is 12 hours straight mind you… I’m not sure about the rest of you, but after doing a 3 to 4 hour piece my body is ready for a break.. Anyone have any thoughts on this idea?


I’d gladly sit for 12 hours to finish a piece off, but I wouldn’t dare let anyone do it if they were only charging me $400.


Sounds a bargain if you can sit for 12-hours. Not sure what kind of quality you’d get at that price for that long.

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Haha I agree, that seems too risky to be of the quality I would look for. Would you be paying more if you only made it 8 of the 12 hours, then have to pay extra for the other 4 to finish your work? Sounds like a gamble I wouldn’t take, that’s just me though.


I wouldn’t do all you can take for 12 hours for only $400. That would be about $33 an hour, which is not really that great for artistic endeavors. I say skip it and save up.


it will cost you alot more than $400 to get that shit ink removed later

currently wearing 250 hours, and many more to go, cant explain what my ink means, its personal, it is about who I am

Never heard of it, but yea as others have said, doesn’t sound right to me.

Even if it was “deeply” discounted because you are sitting that long, that is still way too much of a discount to sound like the work would be good, and I don’t think I would put my body thru that even if it was legit.

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