i agree with the range. i have script though not a quote and its currently a stand alone piece and its fine like that (if done a little shitty, but i learned my lesson lol) i do think you’re trying to incorporate an awful lot of unrelation non cohesive things into this piece what with paper, barbed wire, roses, chains, crosses, cherubs, clouds, that is a LOT of stuff. Maybe have an idea of what you are trying to say and let your artist bat about some ideas to represent them instead? good luck with whatever you decide, though for the record, i think that some beautiful photo real black and grey roses on a guy are incredibly sexy lol x


It’s very busy, and I’m not sure cherubs would thrill R.W. Emerson for presenting his quote. It’s a very stand-alone quote that doesn’t need to be presented in a cluttered way; what’s in our soul, simple, pure, and clean is so much more deep and beautiful than a complex surrounding world.

I have a longer quote on me, and I love it. I think the script is beautiful, and I see opportunity for growth in the tattoo, and will develop it further. I wouldn’t let someone tell me that script tattoos are stagnant, but you should work with a tattoo artist who has the vision to develop it and the aesthetic to please you.

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