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Did a quick search and nothing came up, but since “ink” is too short to search, basically any thread with the word white in it pop up and clouded my search.What’s everyone’s thoughts, experience or recommendations for white ink tattoos?

EDIT: So, white tattoo is a terrible idea apparently.

Check out post 6 for my revised question 😆

Thanks everyone!


white ink just doesnt work, its is used only very sparesely for highlight purposes in black and grey and some colour pieces but generally it is just avoided, it fades much quicker than any other colour and it doesnt come out white, it will be an off white which will just make you look like you have an odd scar, mine went a hideous yellowish colour, and it was only used as a highlight and so i got it covered because it looked dreadful. Pick a proper colour because an all white tattoo will look dreadful, good luck x


Just curious but what were you planning to get in all white? Is it something that could not be convereted to a more suitable color? B/G shading with some white highlights can do wonders. Good luck to ya!


all ink must be seen thru our skin,
white doesnt look the same on different people for that reason,
i think white should be a highlighter and nothign else,

Im pretty fair skinned, it still doest show well!!


Thanks folks! I emailed a couple local shops too, to get opinions and everyone is saying the same thing. So white is out.

Justanothername;109984 wrote:
Just curious but what were you planning to get in all white? Is it something that could not be convereted to a more suitable color? B/G shading with some white highlights can do wonders. Good luck to ya!

To be honest.. My boyfriend badge number.

Yes, it’s not a smart idea. Yes, every single person I know with a tattoo related to their S/O is no longer with that person.

But my boyfriend just got into the police force and its been a long road and I want to celebrate that. We’ve been together for years, own a house together, plan to get married, etc.

But at the same time.. I’m a realist. Hence, the white. Easily cover-able, if the unthinkable happens. Regardless of our future situations, I could never see myself hating this man who’s changed my life so much for the better, so I’m sure I’d never need to cover it, but, if I did, white seems easy.

And that is why I don’t want it in big black letters somewhere super obvious like my wrist.

So now I’m leaning toward black since I’ve been told it’s the best for smaller size script.

On that note, can someone give me ideas for different/odd/out of the norm tattoo places? It’s going to be small still, but i don’t want the traditional shoulder/back of shoulder/tramp stamp, etc.

I have one on the back under my hair line, and the top of one foot is covered.

Right now I’m thinking on the center of my chest, just below where my bra would sit. Or, on the inside of a finger (not my ring finger) but that ones a little out there for me.

Can anyone suggest any other spots?


What about the inside of your bicep or higher up on your thigh. That way you could keep it somewhat private/coverable but also have the availablity to show it if you choose. Just a thought. I think its a wise choice that you went away from the all white though. Good luck.

The Range

While it’s wonderful that you want to commemorate your significant others achievement, it seems a little silly to want to get something permanent done in a way that accounts for potentially being covered up–defeats the purpose of the tattoo, really. But regardless, a talented artist could cover-up a simple script fairly easily no matter what color the tattoo was done in, so don’t worry too much about that.

You don’t have to get “big black letters” in an obvious place at all. You could get small black letters, or big purple letters. Some suggestions for your placement (I don’t know exactly what you’d define as “out of the norm”), you could try the inner hip or the upper thigh (but compared to the center of your chest and your finger, those are pretty normal).

Please let us know how everything turns out!


I’d rule out the center of your chest. The fingers don’t really take ink too well, either. Wears off after a few years fairly regularly.

I think the thigh has some promise. You can hide it easily enough.

Question though: Shouldn’t it be your BF that gets his badge number tattooed on him since he’s the one that had the accomplishment? It’s great that you want to celebrate him, but if it were my GF, I’d want her to get my badge number because it represented me (sort of like getting my name but not so corny/cheesy/stupid as getting an actual name inked on you), not my accomplishment.

Good luck with it! Let us know what you decide!


White ink tattoos are different from traditional tattoos. These tattoos are good for them who don’t wants to show their tattoos in public areas. But good area selection should be needed because it should not absorbed by the skin. These are as safe as black tattoos.

Lizard King

White ink is also very hard to remove – if that day should ever come. White ink contains a lot of iron oxide which can turn grey or black if you try to laser it. Then it is very, very hard to remove. Best to stay away.

As your BF probably knows, cops can’t have visible tattoos.

Lizard King

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